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Thanks for my lyric readers. You are a tamilian. You want to see lyrics in your own language aren’t.
Yes you can see tamil movie song lyrics, Tamil songs, online tamil songs in this site. This is an entertainment site for tamilians. All over the world tamilians are located for their work and study.
Anybody feel tired or bore they want some relax. In this way somebody likes to see movie, somebody likes listen songs most of them want to read some lyrics. Here you can find tamil movie song lyrics. In this we will daily update with new tamil song lyrics. Here you can find the new movie song lyrics….
Sirithal Rasipen Movie Song Lyric
kandasamy Movie Song Lyric
Naan Kadavul Movie Song Lyric
Nadodigal Movie Song lyrics
Vaigai Movie Song Lyric
Vallmiki Movie song Lyric- vaalmiki
Mariyathai Movie Song Lyric
Anandha Thandavam- Puvani thranthu kondu Lyric
Anandha Thandavam Movie song Lyric - kana kankuren lyric
Vamanan Movie song Lyric
Anjathey - Manasakul Manasakul Malai Lyric
Malayan Movie song lyric
Arai-enn-305-il-kadavul Movie Song Lyric
Ayan - Veli modi yeasuthal Lyric
Ayan - Nenjae nenjae nee enkai Lyric
Ayan - Palapalkura pakla Lyric
Dasavatharam Movie Song Lyrics
Masilamani Movie Song Lyric
Pattalam Movie Song Lyrics
Raman Thediya Seethai Movie Song Lyrics
Pasanga Movie Song Lyric
Naan Kadavul Movie Song Lyric
Subramaniyapuram Movie Song Lyric
Villu Movie Song Lyric
Gnabagangal Movie Song
Ghajini Movie Song Lyric
Kuselan Movie Song Lyric
Siva Manasula Sakthi Movie Song Lyrics
Varanam Aayiram Movie Song Lyrics
Sivaji Movie Song Lyric
Thoranai Movie song Lyrics

Anandha Thandavam Movie song Lyric

Online tamil lyric know that people search for tamil movie song lyric. So only we collect song and we made as a lyric. Now in this you can see the Anandha Thandavam movie song lyric. We are doing what the viewers are searching. Read the lyric and enjoy with the song words and say to your friends.

Vamanan Movie song Lyric

It is a wonderful song from the new film Vamanan. It is a good film and the song is also good. Here you can find the Vamanan movie song yeatho sekerai enai yeatho sekari lyric . You read the lyric and see the words in this song

Vallmiki Movie song Lyric- vaalmiki

The wonderful site to read tamil lyric with related images. No one say that it is enough. Most of my visitors say that it is excellent. I am also trying in various methods to give more. Ok now we can see the tamil movie Vallmiki song Lyric here. It is a good and nice song to read. Go and read quick and enjoy yourself.

Tamil Nursery Rhymes With music

Really you want to know the valuable of tamil lyric site. Some bodies of them want all in one. If you come here you find the online tamil lyrics, online songs, tamil rhymes. This is a new one for my Visitors. I think I is a good for all for their entertainment. This all songs are the memory of our olden days. If you listen this songs you all are think about your olden golden days.

Tamil Nursery - Amma Ingaey Va Va

Tamil Nursery - Kai Vessamma

Tamil Nursery - Nila Nila oodi Vaa

Tamil Nursery - Oodi Vilayaadu Paapaa

Tamil Nursery - Pamparam

Sirithal Rasipen Movie Song Lyric

Are you looking for Sirithal Rasipen movie song lyric it is now available in your favorite Tamil portal Don’t just be the fan of the great songs "Agamaya inku vanthu enai thothai". Find the lyrics of "Agamaya inku vanthu enai thothai" sing the song by yourself. Unlimited entertainment is a guarantee in this microsite. Learn the song and impress your friends and colleagues with your skills.

Mariyathai Movie Song Lyric